Sunday, April 3, 2011

We're Moving!

That's right: We are moving to Tulsa.  I have waited to write about this until I felt like we had all of our ducks in a row and now I finally feel comfortable saying (writing) it out loud to everyone.  Bryan accepted a job at OneOK and we feel so incredibly blessed with this opportunity.  We prayed and prayed for the right opportunity and to come into our lives.  It always amazes me how God lines things up so that you feel at ease following the path ahead.  In the last month we have been searching for a home.  Again we were blessed with two angels in this process.  We have the most wonderful realtor and lender.  They have been so patient and walked us through each and every step of this process.  Their knowledge and support has been invaluable during this process.  Bryan and I made an offer last week on a home that we love.  The inspection went well last week and we are well on our way to owning our first home!  Oh, and I got a job at a wonderful clinic in Tulsa that I am beyond thrilled about.  We are so humbled by these blessings and look forward to the journey ahead!

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  1. All your ducks are in a row :) I am beyond thrilled to read this morning to read this! Love you both!