Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Peace Tree

   The Friday after Thanksgiving we put up our first Christmas tree together.  After seeing the peace ornaments at Pottery Barn I decided "peace" would be our theme for this Christmas.  Last Christmas "love" was my theme, and I found it helped me to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and Christ: unconditional love.  So this year I am focusing on "peace."  Jesus taught us to love one another and if we are all really doing this we can live in a world of peace.  We can also find a place of peace within by looking inward and focusing on the "goodness" that is in each of of because we are all children of God. So, peace it is!
  We have A LOT of cardboard boxes in our basement from moving and wedding gifts. I decided to put some of it to good use and made peace sign ornaments from the carboard. Bryan helped me glitter the ornaments and hang them on our tree. We LOVE our PEACE tree!

Thanksgiving Day

We had a great first Thanksgiving together! I spent the morning in the kitchen with my mom and sister learning all the secrets to a perfect turkey. We had such a good time preparing this meal together and I think everything went very smoothly.  Bryan spent the morning with his girlfriend- Maggie Mae. Maggie Mae is Kellie's shnorkie puppy. She is full of attitude and loves to cuddle. Maggie Mae and Bryan LOVE one another and spend hours cuddling!  Jake (my family's Westie) is over all the Maggie hype and would rather relax on his bed all day.  We ate a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at 1:00 and then spent the evening relaxing.  It was so nice to not have to run to do something else. It seems like Bryan and I are always running from one thing to the next and it was so fun to have absolutely nothing to do!  We have so many blessings to be thankful for and on this day the blessings of togetherness and relaxation were our favorite.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

our first month

We had a very full and wonderful first month of marriage. First we celebrated Halloween as Mickey and Minnie with our friends Upper and Lower GI (nurse and med student!)

The next weekend we went to Dallas for Emily and Jay Miller's wedding.  The wedding was unbelievable and we loved having the opportunity to celebrate with friends as newlyweds. We stayed with our dear friends Zach and Grace Davis and had a blast all weekend!

We LOVE the beautiful trees in our yard and have really been blessed by their changing colors. But we have also learned that all of these leaves will fall and turn our yard into a swamp of leaves. Bryan worked hard all weekend to rake up these leaves. I was so amazed by all his hard work! 30 bags of leaves!!!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Bev's side of the family on the Sunday of Thanksgiving week at Jeff and Beth's new home. We love spending time with this family, especially the little ones! They bring so much joy and laughter to everyone.

On Monday of this week we heard more great news. Bryan received the Price Scholarship that will send him to New York City for the summer so he can find an internship that will hopefully develop into a job after graduation. This was a huge goal he set for himself from day one and I am so proud of him for working hard to make it happen. The thought of being here without him for a summer makes me sad, but we both know this is an opportunity and blessing that will be best for our family in the long run. We celebrated this blessing with a bottle of champagne on our front porch watching the sunset.

Looking back on this first month of marriage I am in awe of all the many blessings God has given us: an incredible family, dear friends, a safe home, beautiful trees, brains to learn and help others, and amazing opportunities.  We praise you and thank you Lord for your unconditional love!

10.24.09 Wedding Day!!

On October 24, 2009 we married at McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church. Following the ceremony we had a fabulous reception at Cobblestone Creek Golf Club. It was an absolutely wonderful fall day! We loved every moment of it and felt so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. Here are a few of the pictures we have...We will share more when we receive them from the incredible Carl Zoch (