Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Favorites in Februrary

Whew! I was afraid February would never end. Looking back on the month, I realize that it was a great month. It was just really cold and gray! Below are some of our favorite things in February:

Homemade Valentine Truffles:

I made the Oreo and Peanut Butter Truffles as well as Red Velvet and Yellow Cake Truffles. I tried to decorate them like a little box of chocolates. They turned out pretty cute and very tasty!

Breakfast in Bed:

I made Bryan a LOVEly Valentine's Day breakfast with heart-shaped french toast, eggs and bacon (of course). Unfortunately, Bryan heard me in the kitchen and was already out of bed by the time breakfast was ready. So, we didn't actually eat it in bed...but it was still delightful.


My sweet mom gave me one of these for Valentine's Day in red. It is super soft and according to DKNY can be worn 12 different ways:  I love it and cannot stop wearing it!

Bryan's new toy:

We had Best Buy gift cards that we were saving for a TV in the future. But, Bryan's computer was on its last leg and we agreed the gift cards could be used for a computer.  Neither one of us had ever owned a Mac, so the decision to buy a Mac was a very difficult one. The PC seemed like such a practical idea and the best for school use and Mac seemed more like a toy. After talking to many Mac owners, Bryan made the leap into the cool Mac world. We are both happy he made this decision :)

Daily Devotional:

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His  Presence - Devotions for 
Every Day of the Year 
This year for Lent Bryan and I have made a promise to spend time reading our morning devotional together every morning. We have been using this book and have really enjoyed it every day.  I love starting each day with a reminder to recognize God's presence in my life.

Le Creuset:
Using gift cards from the wedding we purchased this 3.5 qt Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I really like it and have already used it to make vegetable soup. I hope this is something that lasts for many years!


I am not normally one to really enjoy the Olympics.... but something changed this year! It must have been the American superstars and all the gold medals. (The fact that there was nothing else to watch also may have helped a little.)  The Olympics are always the topic at the water cooler and a good excuse to cheer on the US of A. We may not be able to agree on anything in Washington, but at least we are all on the same team at the Olympics. (I think- has the Tea Party started their own Olympic Team yet?)  Yay for winning the medal count this year!

So, I guess February was a pretty great month. I can't wait to see God has planned for us in March.